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Can I prepare my project for next year?
O-F C-O-U-R-S-E, you can propose a project now, even if it starts in one or two years! The sooner you start the process, the better you'll be prepared to raise funds 😉
How much does it cost?
Since 2021, GlobeDreamers is a 100% free platform. You don't have to pay anything.
Only donors decide if they want to contribute to our platform.
What is the involvement of GlobeDreamers in my project?
We accompany you throughout the process of creating your project, from the original idea to its funding and realization.
Our team is available to help you move forward via appointments (face-to-face or by telephone depending on your choice) as well as by email.
What is crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding allows you to raise money.

It is an alternative financing tool that calls on financial resources from Internet users to finance a project.
How long does it take to fund a project?
GlobeDreamers projects may have more or less significant financial needs. This is a very important estimate which can vary the time required to carry out its crowdfunding.

It is simply necessary to anticipate a more or less long period of organization according to the projects in addition to the time necessary for communication. Our team will help you plan all of this, so don't panic! 😊
What does GlobeDreamers earn?
GlobeDreamers organizes and develops calls for projects and communication tools with companies that want to participate in the positive impact projects.

Also, we get optional contributions from donors who decide to make a donation to GlobeDreamers in addition to the supported project (and yes, this is optional!).
Can funding continue during my project?
GlobeDreamers is a platform that adapts to an ever-changing world.

We therefore know that it is much easier to find content for communication when the project owners are on site. This is why it is possible to continue crowdfunding during the project 👌
I am a student, is it possible to involve my school in the project?
Yes, this is absolutely possible! You can make an appointment with our team to find out how to involve your school in your positive projects!
What are my obligations to my sponsors?
They are to be defined with the sponsors in question. Nevertheless, as a trusted third party, we can help you set up consistent and clear rewards.